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CI/CD for static assets and Lambda function

This Gist is based on Building a continuous delivery pipeline for a Lambda application with AWS CodePipeline. What happened? Needed to build a NodeJS project, upload the static assets to an S3 bucket and also deploy a small Lambda function that lived in a subfolder. Prerequisites The AWS Guide above will get you familiarized with […]

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Lower your AWS bill

First step: hire me. Done. Joking aside (or maybe not), there are some obvious things to do like: purchasing reserved instances, using scheduled instances or even spot instances. And some that are not so obvious like right-sizing your instances (EC2 and RDS) or asking for discounted pricing when it comes to CloudFront. RDS First step […]

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From Hostgator shared hosting to AWS EC2 using Bitnami’s WordPress AMI

I needed to move two WordPress sites from a Hostgator shared hosting account to AWS EC2 for two simple reasons: website performance and SSL certificates. There are several WP plugins to ease the transfer but the main problem is that the entire website + database is almost 1GB in size so I have to do […]